Notbook is an informal collection of ideas, paintings and photographs revealing the creative process of contemporary artist Chris Page. 

Solstice Walk 2017

Solstice Walk 12-21-2017—Chris-Page-Art-1.jpg

4:06 p.m

Walking at sunset on the Winter Solstice 12.21.2017
Wentworth Conservation Area, Amherst MA


Walking the Sunset


Two Minutes Looking Up

11.21.2017 (the day before Thanksgiving) 5:04–5:06
SpaceTime 1-3




Walking Fort River Conservation Area—11.21.2017


Holland Glen

Holland Glen 11.16.2017

Walking the familiar after not visiting for many years

Gay Head Photos

Gay Head Series
Shot and processed film sometime in the 1980's. Scanned and printed 2017


Walking 10.31.2017

Fort River Trail 4:15-4:24 p.m.

Storm Break


Hadley Sky 10.26.2017


Plum Island


Plum Island Ocean Edge States

10.19.2017 5:17–5:21 p.m. 


Mt Rainier Walk

Rediscovered b&w photos from a walk on Mt Rainier, sometime in the 1980's
This may be the first walking piece. The photos weren't made into a single work until 2017

Along the Way


States of Light and Shadow 10.13.2017


Sky 10.11.2017


Hadley Sky 10.11.2017


Wentworth Walk


Late Afternoon Walk 10.08.2017

Sky 10.07.2017