Notbook is an informal collection of ideas, paintings and photographs revealing the creative process of contemporary artist Chris Page. 

Forest Rhythms 06.29.2019

Fort River Walk 05.26.2019


Forest Grids on Paper 12 x 16 inches

Forest Grids I & II


Walking Wentworth—early winter before the snow fell

Before the snow came

Wentworth Walk
January 14, 2019


Walking the beginning of the Wentworth Conservation Area path on September 27, 2018 at 6:20 p.m.

Wentworth Path: Set of Five


Wentworth Farm Conservation Area
August 10. 2018 5:11–5:35p.m.




July 4, 2018
Amherst, Massachusetts




Two moments from a half hour walk at the Wentworth Conservation Area
Amherst, Massachusetts




Subtle shifts of awareness over 28 minutes
June 12, 2018
Fort River Conservation Trail
Hadley, MA


Short Walk


June 11, 2018
Wentworth Conservation Area
Looking backward while walking the beginning of the path before turning around


Two views of the path at the Wentworth Conservation Area in Amherst MA.
© Chris Page Artist

Pileated Evidence—Fort River 02.17.2018


. . .

I came across evidence of recent Pileated Woodpecker activity. After returning to the studio I realized these photographs reveal a simple number sequence of one then two holes. I find a strange satisfaction in contemplating simple numbers.