Notbook is an informal collection of ideas, paintings and photographs revealing the creative process of contemporary artist Chris Page. 

Remembering a painting from 2005

White Continuum 2005   acrylic on canvas   30 x 60 inches   ©2005 Chris Page

It is hard to believe that this painting is over 10 years old. My sense of time is losing some of it's coherence, as my memory feels too complex to be useful as an accurate indicator of time. 

Early Morning Sky Triggers Painting Memory

Waking up this morning (04.02.2016) there was a thin cloud layer in the sky that revealed a slight bit of light down at the horizon. The field like nature of this painting from 2012 came to mind.

Sky Gesture 1 ©2012 Chris Page

Sky Gesture 1 ©2012 Chris Page

Sky Gesture 1

54 x 84 inches
Acrylic on Canvas

Sky Gesture I uses a rhythmic overlaying of gestural action using the length of my reach as the predominant size of the gesture. The final layer, a very thin wash, includes migrating drips that were allowed to remain visible on the right and lower edges of the painting. In Payne’s gray revealing lavender along the bottom edge, the spatial field appears to optically hover as if not quite synonymous with the picture plane.