Notbook is an informal collection of ideas, paintings and photographs revealing the creative process of contemporary artist Chris Page. 

Along the Way


States of Light and Shadow 10.13.2017


Sky 10.11.2017


Hadley Sky 10.11.2017


Wentworth Walk


Late Afternoon Walk 10.08.2017

Sky 10.07.2017


Looking Up

Sky Moments

Walking Fort River Conservation Area


Walking Fort River 10.03.2017

4:40 p.m.

Hadley 09.29.2017


6:10 p.m.

 Walking the Cross Path & Cemetary Road Dike to the Connecticut River and back
5:25–6:15 p.m.  


Walk 09-27-2017


5:54 p.m.


Walk 09.25.2017


Late September Heat


Sky 09.23.2017


Wentworth Conservation Walk 09.23.2017


Walking into the late afternoon light


Williamstown Walk 09.22.2017


Walking between the Helen Frankenthaler shows at the Clark Art Institute.


Short Walk 09-19-2017

Walk 09-19-2017—Chris-Page-Art-2.jpg

1:55–2:15 p.m.

Light rain made todays walk shorter than usual.

Sumac and Flowers

Walk 09-13-2017—Chris-Page-Art-7.jpg

12:29 PM

Walking at Wentworth Conservation Area 09.13.2017
I missed this photo yesterday—too ordinary—the beauty of the everyday!


Walk 09.11.2017

Wentworth Conservation Walk

5:13–5:38 PM

Sky 08.02.2017

Sky Smudge

6:45 p.m.