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early winter before the snow fell

Before the snow came

Wentworth Walk
January 14, 2019

Walking Slowly Toward Dusk


Walking Slowly Toward Dusk

 Fort River Conservation Area 02.22.2017 4:30–5:30 p.m.


Incoming Grey 04.09.2016

The brightness of the earlier part of the day was darkened by the incoming clouds, though the sky was still highly luminous.


Evening Sun 04.02.2016

Evening Sun Walk 04.02.2016
Wentworth Conservation Area
April 02, 2016

The rain had stopped and the cloud edge was beginning to move out and break up, revealing striking qualities of light. Another simple walk at Wentworth Farm Conservation area in Amherst, Massachusetts. See related sequence in the Dark & Light Stripes entry in Notes.

High Wind 03.29.2016

The wind gusting to the point of needing to lean into it, defined the day, from the fast moving clouds to the whitecaps moving upstream.

Valley Walks 02.24.2016

The two walks from today when combined together resonated and helped me make connections about the flow of time through observing these different sky conditions. The center image is from a middle of the day walk in Amherst and the two end images come from a late afternoon walk along the Connecticut River in Hadley.

Warm Wind 11.09.2015

Warm Wind Walk 11.09.2015
Wentworth Conservation Area
November 09, 2016

The warm wind surprised me! Stopping, I held attention for 27 minutes on the low fast moving clouds. Intuitively trying to judge the change of the movement frame by frame.