Art and walking blog of contemporary artist Chris Page

Incoming Grey 04.09.2016

The brightness of the earlier part of the day was darkened by the incoming clouds, though the sky was still highly luminous.


High Wind 03.29.2016

The wind gusting to the point of needing to lean into it, defined the day, from the fast moving clouds to the whitecaps moving upstream.

Warm Wind 11.09.2015

Warm Wind Walk 11.09.2015
Wentworth Conservation Area
November 09, 2016

The warm wind surprised me! Stopping, I held attention for 27 minutes on the low fast moving clouds. Intuitively trying to judge the change of the movement frame by frame.


Williamstown Storm Walk 07.19.2015

The initial walk was taken on July 19, 2015 on the grounds of the Clark Art Institute. it was planned as a public art walk. An incoming thunderstorm forced walk to be executed quickly. The two photographic sets below represent different aspects of the walk. The first set is before the rain as the storm approached. The second is just as the rain became heavy.


Rain Dyptych

Every Twenty Steps 5.26.2015

Stopping every twenty steps to take a photograph over a one mile walk at the Fort River Trail in Hadley MA, May 26, 2015.

Returning to Blue o4.15.2015

While walking on April 15.2015 at Wentworth Farm Conservation Area I kept returning my attention to the predominantly cloudless sky for over an hour between 5:35 to 6:40pm. This group of twenty eight photographs documents this walk  (shown below the installation photograph) . 

This work was installed as part of the Sky Walk show in the summer of 2015.


Cloud Be Gone—Wentworth 05.19.2014

Watching a cloud disappear over six minutes from 10:20–10:26am while walking Wentworth Conservation Area on May 19, 2014.